Meet The Beauty Who Could Become Victoria’s Secret’s First Transgender Model

The Beauty of Autumn can Inspire Exquisite Interior Design

The effort has already garnered more than 20,000 signatures and a slew of supportive comments since its creation by Marco Regalado of California on Monday. I’m amazed! Carrera wrote on Facebook on Tuesday in response to the fast-growing support. And just to make it clear, this petition is not to force VS to do anything. It’s to prove that the world is ready for change and possibilities are endless! Victoria’s Secret did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Yahoo Shine.
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Beauty is a frame of mind

Ultrasound technology that stimulates the production of collagen and results in tighter skin has become increasingly popular among working men. Too busy for the down time that traditional face-lifts require, these ‘in and out’ procedures appeal to men who want to appear refreshed and healthier or have others to believe their good looks come naturally. 7. All for One, One for All: No longer are cosmetic procedures for the rich and famous or aging woman only. As plastic surgery and non-invasive treatments are marketed to the masses, more everyday men and women — some as young as age 18 and as old as 85 — are asking for surgical alterations.
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The Beauty Gap Is Closing: 7 Reasons Why

If you’re raised properly in a very sort of unconventional world, you can see the smoke and mirrors and actually look past it and see what really makes certain people truly beautiful. On top of that, I have had the chance to see some of the most fashionable women in the ’80s growing up, to see and meet some of my mom’s friends at the time who are incredibly fashionable … and being in (designer) Bob Mackie’s studio with my mother, having these incredible gowns. To watch him transform my mother’s figure into … statuesque gold, sparkly … it’s definitely mind-blowing as a little girl, so there are definitely two aspects to it.
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In fact, the innovative Naurelle design team has largely built their reputation on synthesizing the best elements of traditional furnishings with the boldest, most logically-designed contemporary furniture choices. Led by their president Kayvan Nahai, Naurelle guarantees that each piece in their collection epitomizes tastefulness and sophistication. Unlike many company leaders, Mr. Nahai brings the spirit and eye of a true artist.
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